Weimaraner dogs

weimaraner dogs

“They’re not a breed for everyone.”

But since there is no breed of dog that can live up to the universal wants and needs of all dog owners, the Weimaraner is a wonderful choice for many people.

If you chose a Weimaraner as a member of your household, you’ve got to like a big, active, intelligent, hunting breed. They are strong animals with the stamina and desire to work and play for long stretches of time. “Weimaraners need exercise” these three little words cannot be overstressed. They need an outlet for all their energy, and they prefer exercise they can do with you.. They are delighted to join you in physical activities, revel in long runs in the field, and they consider swimming on a hot summer day is a treat beyond description. As a friend of mine always says, “A tired Weimaraner, is a good Weimaraner,” and I’d add, “…a happy Weimaraner”.

It’s hard to generalize about the Weimaraner personality but a core trait, that runs in the veins of all of them, is that they are people-centric. They love the company of humans to the point that they will follow you around your house like a second shadow. Weimaraners are always underfoot, curious, wanting to be involved in your activities. In my house every meal I prepare is supervised by a Weimaraner. I’ve had them walk into the shower with me, poke their nose into any book I’m trying to read and bark at the vacuum cleaner as if it was a humming, electrical monster that is trying to eat the rug. And then there’s the issue of where they sleep. Their preference is to sleep as near to you as possible. If permitted, they will invade your bed and then try to take as much territory as they can. If relegated to a dog bed on the floor, don’t be surprised if they drag it as near to your bed as possible.

A well trained Weimaraner is a joy to live with but an untrained one is hell on paws. From puppyhood on, Weimaraners need consistent training that is applied gently but firmly to channel their high energy. They are very smart and learn quickly, so never underestimate the intelligence and trainability of the Weimaraner. They are sponges just waiting to soak up experiences and learn. With skillful training even tiny puppies can learn basic obedience commands, point birds and retrieve to hand. Once they learn something (whether it is a good thing or a bad thing), it’s in their little heads forever.

Grooming a Weimaraner is a dream come true for those of us who are not inclined to the art of primping. Doing the basics of nails and teeth makes up the majority of the work. Their short, sleek coats wash out and dry quickly, making baths a minor chore. The frequency of baths depends on where they get to run. Being hunters, when they get to wander the fields, they will try to disguise their own scent by rolling in stinky things. They proudly and persistently put on “perfume” that only a creature with an inverse sense of smell would appreciate.

Weimaraners are strong of heart, full of energy and want to be with their people. They’d make great politicians, trying to convince you that what they want is also in your best interest. They’re smart, manipulative, athletic, endearing and persistent. As I list these characteristics, some of you are totally turned off at the idea of such a dog, while others are intrigued and thinking that’s exactly what I want in a dog. Personally, I can say that I’ve shared my home with Weimaraners for over four years and cannot imagine life without one.